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Technology has made it easy for the medical industry to manage things without difficulty. Piedmont Health Care is using it to the best of its ability. With the availability and use of Smart Square Piedmont, healthcare is now efficiently managing its regular work.

It has made it easy for them to continue the regular activities but in a more transparent and streamlined way. Smart Square Piedmont is an easy-to-use online portal that helps employees.

This online portal will make it easier to access information like the patient’s medical history, learn about the work schedule, manage vacation, apply for leaves, keep a check on payments, and much more.

But to access the portal, you must get your Smart Square Piedmont login credentials. The guide here will help you clarify everything so that the process is easy.

Smart Square Piedmont

Smart Square Piedmont is an online portal aiming to help healthcare employees manage their work schedules, leave, store patient information, and much more.

Piedmont Healthcare has got a total of 22 hospitals located all across the US. Given a large workforce, it becomes difficult to manage everything. Thus, in such a time, using a platform like Smart Square will be highly beneficial.

Smart Square Piedmont Login –

If you are new to the portal and unaware of the Smart Square Piedmont login, then the details here will be helpful for you.

  • Once you complete the Smart Square Piedmont registration, you will get your login credentials. Make sure you keep it start safely.
  • Now go ahead and visit the official portal of Smart Square Piedmont at to log in to your account.
  • Once you see the login page, you must enter information like your password and a unique ID.
smart square piedmont
  • Make sure to double-check the information and then click on the login button. It will help you access your Smart Square Piedmont account.

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Smart Square Piedmont Registration

If you are new and wish to register on the platform, then the details here will be helpful for you.

  • Visit the official website of Piedmont Healthcare at, and now you will see how to search for the login option.
  • Here, under the login boxes, you will find the option to Register. You have to click on that.
  • The next page will ask you to provide the email address for getting a code. It helps with verification. If you forget your password, you must enter your active email address.
  • Now you need to enter the last four digits of your SSN, date of birth, and 15-digit access code of Piedmont Healthcare and then click on the continue button.
  • While registering for the billing account, you must provide your birth date, account number, and SSN’s last four digits.
  • Also, remember you will have to provide the SSN’s last four digits and birthdates if you have an insurance member id.
  • Once you have provided all the information, it will help you get your account with Piedmont health care. Remember to check your mail for the verification code and other information. Make sure to keep it stored safely for future reference.

Benefits of Smart Square Piedmont

The Smart Square Piedmont portal has been quite effective for managing the work. The list here specifies the benefits one can get with the portal.

  • The platform can easily be accessed through mobile devices. It means even when the health care employee is outdoors, they can open the account and check for the status.
  • The portal is highly safe and secured. Only those who have got the login credentials will be able to access the account.
  • Every minor detail of the patient’s history and medical condition is uploaded on the portal. It makes it easy to access all the information right in one place.
  • The portal makes checking the patient’s information and schedule easy. Managing the schedules is a lot easier with the portal.

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About Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare is the biggest physician’s old specialty healthcare provider. As one of the best in the country, they aim to bring compassionate and quality care. It is a nonprofit system of 22 hospitals working together to provide patients with quality, innovative, and world-class healthcare services.

These hospitals are at multiple locations all across the country. They care for the patients and offer them the best medical assistance possible. The team of nurses, specialists, and other healthcare providers are all prepared to take care of the medical condition and ensure a faster recovery.

Since 1905 they have been successful in helping people with medical concerns better.

The hospitals are serving the community. They help make a positive difference in every life. They aim to serve as the foundation for developing the community and making them stronger and better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smart Square login compulsory?

Yes, every employee who works for healthcare needs to register on the portal. It helps get information about upcoming schedules and manage work better.

When can I access my work schedule?

The Smart Square portal allows you to upload the work schedule 120 days in advance. However, you can make changes to the schedule at any time.

Is Smart Square easy to use?

Smart Square is a highly trusted platform that is easy to use. You can access your work schedule from anywhere when you have your login credentials using the portal.


Piedmont Healthcare has done it all to ensure employee satisfaction. But besides this, it is the Smart Square portal has helped them finish the regular job better and easily keep an eye on the upcoming schedules.

The portal allows updating the schedule 120 days in advance. So one can get access to it anytime. Remember to keep your login credential safe to avoid any concerns later on.

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